Six Tips for Designing a Pinterest Worthy Boho Nursery

Six Tips for Designing a Pinterest Worthy Boho Nursery

There are thousands of exciting pictorial inspirations for a neutral boho nursery on Pinterest. It's easy. Just search for nursery designs, and you are faced with thousands of beautiful inspirations. The problem is not getting a lovely list of choices to pick from but rather how to recreate these designs without breaking the bank and maintaining your budget! Can you relate? I thought so.


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Well, what if I told you that you could recreate a Pinterest-worthy Neutral Boho Nursery on a Budget?

Yes, you have every right to be cautious, given that the many designs you've seen have looked and have been pretty expensive. But trust me, the title of this article is not just clickbait. A beautiful nursery doesn't need to cost a fortune. With a bit of know-how and a healthy dose of creativity, you can create a budget-friendly space for your little one that's as chic as it is cheap!


I can hear you saying, SHOW ME HOW!!! Not sure where to start? Check out these 6 money-saving tips for designing a Pinterest-worthy neutral boho nursery for your budget.



Paint is a beautiful alternative to expensive wall coverings because it is easy to update and inexpensive, especially when utilized in fun and surprising ways. Don't be sucked into the guys = blue, girls = pink, not sure = yellow debate when it comes to color. Paint the ceiling to add drama to your design. Paint the interior of your window frames or bookshelves to add some color. Masking tape and stencils can even be used to make intricate patterns. It may be difficult labor, but the end effect is well worth the effort - and the money.

Don't want to have to revamp your nursery every five years? Neutral paint color for the walls will extend the room's design and make future room swaps easier because the color will not need to be modified to suit the new resident. You may also use bed linen and accessories to quickly and inexpensively transform the look of a neutrally designed home. However, keep in mind that pale colors, while providing a versatile backdrop for colorful decorations, are more easily marked, necessitating more regular cleaning, touch-ups, and complete re-decorating.

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Your baby's nursery doesn't have to be expensive to be lovely.

Use your imagination when it comes to wall art. Consider displaying artwork from vintage children's books, scrapbook paper, affordable prints obtained online, or beautiful drawings from older siblings in inexpensive picture frames purchased from discount home goods stores.

Make your decorations. Don't limit yourself to dedicated children's wallpaper. Geometric patterns might seem just perfect, and babies will adore them. Murals are another interesting and inexpensive option. They function similarly to a feature wall created with wallpaper, but you may customize the scale of the design (rather than working with standard rolls of wallpaper and pattern matching). Animals, birds, maps and charts, astronomy or architecture, and patterns are among the themes. You can as well use stencils, decals (which are inexpensive and easy to remove after your child outgrows them), or even your handprints to dress up plain walls. Basic creativity can save you a lot of money.

Use display objects. You don’t have to get expensive toys or objects to bring out the beauty of your child’s nursery. You can use natural plants to beautify the room, you can’t imagine how beautiful this would turn out

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Although a convertible cot is more expensive than some standard cribs, these talented converters are well worth the initial outlay. A convertible crib may be transformed into a delightful, toddler-friendly day bed with a few easy alterations. A crib may be transformed into a full-size adult bed with a few more pieces, allowing your child to grow from cradle to college and beyond.

While some manufacturers may include all of the essential hardware and accessories, others will require you to purchase more items individually, so consider any additional costs upfront. If you need to acquire parts, do it as quickly as possible. It may be tempting to wait until the baby is ready for an upgrade before spending money, but it's impossible to predict if the parts you need will be accessible in the future. Don't ruin an otherwise cost-effective investment!



Consider what you currently have and what you can purchase on the cheap before hitting the aisles of your local baby mart. An old, beaten-up dresser may be entirely transformed with a fresh coat of paint, and some bespoke drawer pulls. You'll get everything you need to make a temporary changing station with a padded changing mat and a few wicker baskets for storing diapers and other items.

Find a decent second-hand shop and keep an open mind if you don't have any spare furniture. A dramatic statement might be made by recovering a shapely, antique armchair in a bright, kid-friendly fabric. Even an out-of-place item, such as a giant mirror with an overly elaborate frame, can be made humorous by painting it in an unusual color. Experiment with new ideas. You'll save a lot of money on nursery décor and end up with a unique design.

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It's tempting to get carried away while buying for a baby, but keep in mind that while some items are required (such as a safe sleeping place and a car seat), you can avoid some of the extras:

  • While some parents swear by wipe warmers, they aren't necessary and may be left off your shopping list if you're trying to save money.
  • A night light is the same way: while it may make things simpler for you when you stumble in for a feeding, babies aren't terrified of the dark.
  • A diaper caddie may be attractive, but you may save money by keeping your supplies on an open shelf and storing extras in your diaper bag.


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You don’t have to break the bank to make a beautiful nursery. A simple nursery can be quite stunning! Sleek white nurseries are a developing trend, with everything from modern minimalism and Nordic-inspired design to the new boho style. There is beauty in simplicity!

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