4 Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

4 Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

“Love is holding your godchild in your arms.” – Anonymous

I have been blessed with 4 godbabies. They are my world and have brought so much joy to my life. Their ages are 14, 12, 11, and 7; two girls and two boys. It has been a joy being a godmother. They are my cousins’ children and I was honored when she and her husband asked if I would be the godmother. 

4 Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

I have signed on for a lifetime of supporting my godchildren (my babies as I call them). Being a godmother to little one’s is different to teenage and pre-teens. However, I have learned the most important things about being a godmother are:

  • Love
  • Support
  • Availability
  • Protection

Have you ever wondered about how to be a fantastic godmother? You're in the right place. Let's explore 4 ways to be a fantastic godmother. 

“Only a godmother can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.” – Anonymous

1.   Be present in the child’s life – Being a godmother is more than appearing at the ceremony where they name you the godmother and that’s it. Being a fantastic godmother is being present for birthdays, important school events, being present if the child is active in sporting events and making time to be around your godbaby. Make memories together by watching movies, family game nights, sharing your faith in Christ with your godbaby, hanging out at the mall, or cooking together. Regardless of how big or small make memories by being present. If miles separate you and your godbaby, use Zoom to say hi. Call to check-in, especially on birthdays. Watch a movie together despite the miles between you.

2.   Fun Auntie Vibes – I often feel like the fun aunt with my godbabies. Hosting sleepovers, watching movies, taking them to theme parks, going skating for the first time, going out of eat, staying up late playing board games, and just doing fun stuff. It’s the bonding that is the most important to me and what better way to bond than over food and fun. For one, it allows their parents are much needed break. Two, it allows me to bond and talk with them. Kids are very smart and have lots of stuff on their minds.

3.   Knowing Your Boundaries – Yes, I love being the fun aunt, but I also know my boundaries. I allow the parents to be the parents. Special gifts I allow the parents to purchase to not take away special moments. I am invested in their education and ensuring they are behaving well at home. I know how to keep confidences yet share vital information with their parents. I try to support the parents in any way I can, allowing them to lead and give direction. 

“A godmother is a special gift—one that provides the strength of family and the comfort of friendship.” – Anonymous

4.   Be A Living Example – Godparents are spiritual examples to their godchildren. Pray continuously for your godchildren and for their parents. Allow your godchildren to see your joys and sorrows (in an age-appropriate way of course) to show them how your faith is intertwined into every aspect of your life. As my godbabies are getting older I share with them more about my faith, trying times and how God has been there through the ups and downs of life. I encourage them to pray for their teachers, friends, and classmates. Pray when they are struggling in school and thank God for their successes.

“Godchild I promise to help you, to lead you, to encourage you, to care for you, to love you.” – Anonymous

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